Feeding the Brain: Exploring the Link Between Nutrition and Mental Wellness
They say "you are what you eat," and this is true not only for our physical health, but also for our mental health. The connection between nutrition and mental health is profound, with emerging research shedding light on the intricate relationship between what we eat and how we feel. This is where the concept of the gut-brain axis comes into play.
Michael Faraday on The Chemical History of a Candle
"There is not a law under which any part of this universe is governed which does not come into play and is touched upon in these phenomena. There is no better, there is no more open door by which you can enter into the study of natural philosophy than by considering the physical phenomena of a candle." - Michael Faraday, The Chemical History of a Candle
The Benefits of Neuroscents (and How to Use Them)
At Caftari, we use science-backed neuroscents in our carefully curated collection ofcandles. Developed by neurologists and neuroscientists, these fragrances help activate neural pathways in the brain to elicit a specific benefit, whether that’s boosting your energy or helping you relax.
Desire is Social
Few people question why we want the things we want. We assume we want things because we authentically want them. But desire, a uniquely human domain, is inherently social. We want what other people want, because we are gregarious creatures. We are constantly seeking external inspiration and validation as a result of collective thought. In essence, we rely on others to show us how to live. 
Music's Impact on our Brain
When we immerse ourselves in music, it's not merely an auditory experience; it engages various parts of our brain, creating a rich tapestry of sensations and emotions.
Your Holiday Survival Guide
Effective stress and anxiety management are crucial for conquering the anxiety that can come with the holiday season. By employing these helpful strategies and having Dolce Far Niente by your side, you'll be able to conquer any stressors that come your way.