Your Holiday Survival Guide

Your Holiday Survival Guide

Dec 14, 2023 Shreya Aggarwal

The holiday season isn't always a winter wonderland. Amidst end-of-the-year tasks, crowded stores, and family get-togethers, it's no surprise if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed.

A Harvard survey from 2016 revealed that a whopping 62% of people reported a spike in stress levels during the holidays. Often, we set the bar sky-high, aiming for picture-perfect celebrations and memory-making moments. This pursuit can lead to a season of stress, resulting in sleepless nights and short tempers. However, here's the good news: typical holiday stress is a short-term response to a specific stressor, meaning it's something we can manage and minimize.

Top Strategies for Tackling Holiday Stress & Anxiety:

Embrace Self-Care: Carve out moments for activities that bring you joy and offer a breather. Whether it's a luxurious soak, immersing yourself in a novel, meditation, or a leisurely walk, schedule some 'me time' to rejuvenate.

Set Limits: It's perfectly acceptable to decline activities that drain your energy. Prioritize what's important and dedicate your time and energy to those things.

Get Fresh Air: Don't underestimate the power of sunshine and a breath of fresh air to boost your spirits.

Move Your Body: Stay active with your favorite workout, a yoga session, or even a kitchen dance-off to your favorite holiday tunes. Physical activity is an excellent stress buster and energizer.

Count Your Blessings: Practicing daily gratitude can work wonders. Studies suggest that gratitude exercises significantly uplift mood and ease depressive symptoms. Caftari’s Dolce Far Niente candle is designed to help you savor the present moment.

Dolce Far Niente features rose essential oil. A 2021 Heliyon Journal study indicates that rose oil modulates the serotonergic pathway, involving neurons that synthesize, release, and respond to the neurotransmitter serotonin. Serotonin, known as the body’s “feel good” chemical, regulates mood. Normal serotonin levels contribute to increased focus, emotional stability, happiness, and calmness. Low serotonin levels are associated with depression. Light Dolce Far Niente for a blissful holiday season.

Effective stress and anxiety management are crucial for conquering the anxiety that can come with the holiday season. By employing these helpful strategies and having Dolce Far Niente by your side, you'll be able to conquer any stressors that come your way.

Happy Holidays!

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent diseases, nor should it substitute for advice from a healthcare professional.

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