Repurpose Your Caftari Candle

Repurpose Your Caftari Candle

Nov 01, 2023 Shreya Aggarwal

At Caftari, we believe in creating products that empower your internal environment and heal our shared external environment. Our sustainable practices include creating chic and luxe ceramic vessels that are made to be reused. 

To repurpose your vessel, start off with a clean base. Because our wax is a natural blend made of soy and coconut, the wax is easy to remove. 

Wash your vessel with warm soapy water and scrub until you remove all of the wax. If there is still some wax left over, you can try 

  1. Freezing your vessel overnight and removing leftover wax in the morning;
  2. Placing your vessel in the oven at a low temperature until the wax melts;
  3. Using a hair dryer or other heat source to melt the wax. 


After you have removed all of the wax, here are some different ideas for repurposing your vessel: 

Elevate your bathroom

    • Toothbrush holder
    • Makeup brushes
    • Q-tips
    • Cotton swabs

Organize your environment

    • Coffee pods
    • Pencil and pens
    • Paper clips, staples, or other loose items

DIY Activities

    • Flower vase 
      • Shop from your local floral store to bring natural vibrancy into your home while supporting local businesses. 
    • Succulents
      • Source soil and a succulent from your local plant store and transfer into your vessel to add life into your space. Place small rocks into the bottom of the vessel underneath the soil to assist with draining.
    • Make your own candle 
      • Heat up some wax, mix it with your favorite essential oil, and freeze it in your vessel for a fun indoor activity. 

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